Explore CSP New Growth Opportunities with an All-in-One Digital Payment Super App
November 05, 2021
AlipayPaymentSuper APP

A study from Juniper Research has found that the number of people using digital wallets will increase from 2.3 billion this year to nearly 4 billion, or 50% of the world’s population, by 2024. This in turn will push wallet transaction values up by more than 80% to more than $9 trillion per year.

Benefitting from a ubiquitous distribution mobile network infrastructure and a long history of delivering superior customer experience and an extensive partner ecosystem, CSPs are well positioned to look at the payment business adjacent to their core business utilizing their infrastructure to provide vital support to the unbanked population.

Read the article to learn:

  • Digital payment adoption actuality during the pandemic
  • Advantages for CSPs to embrace payment business
  • Challenges for CSPs in offering digital payment service
  • Alipay+: A globally proven digital mobile payment platform
  • Success with Alipay
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